Essay on My Interest On Psychology : Psychology

Essay on My Interest On Psychology : Psychology

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My interest in Psychology began in 2012, when I had the opportunity to research on my own about the subject. After I embarked on an introductory course in Psychology to relieve the boredom of working in a call centre, I then was motivated to continue with my studies. After securing my Higher and HNC in Social Science – I continued with the HND.

If there was one thing I gained from the Call Centre job it was the knowledge that I liked to help people. I believe through continuing my studies at a University level, I will be able to reach my goal of becoming a Psychologist and helping people on a larger scale.

I am currently studying HND Social Sciences, which involves all the Social Science subjects, but the one subject that interests me most is Psychology. It has always been what I saw myself doing at University, right from when I passed my first class in Psychology. I am fascinated with the numerous Psychology studies that have taken place and how Psychology explains human behaviour. I find each of the schools within the Psychology field fascinating and each have their own studies which I find very interesting, both in what the study involved and what the findings were.

One of the most interesting topics I have done this year In the Psychology subject was the topic of Addiction, where we looked into the subject, watched documentaries from addicts point of view and did presentations. It also left an impression on me, as, in the future I intend to become a Psychologist. So I know that this is one of the areas in particular that Psychologists look at and may see patients who are addicts or ex-addicts. It would make me feel pride and happiness if I was able to help even just one person turn their life around through my knowledge an...

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... and in a way which has a greater impact on their life.

One thing I often get accused of, both throughout my work life and student life, is that I overthink things, people see this as a negative, but I see it as a positive, especially in the field I want to go into, where overthinking Is a necessity. One of the positives of this trait I believe is that it makes me think about outcomes before I take action, I don 't take wild risks, I prefer to take calculated risks.

I believe I have all the qualities of a successful Student, Hard-working, Motivated, determined to succeed. This is why I truly believe I am the best possible candidate for University. I realise that I will only get out of University what I am willing to put in and I am willing to put in the hours studying, the sleepless nights and everything else I know that is necessary in order to become a success.

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