My Interest Of Pharmacy : Personal And Professional Experiences With A Long Time

My Interest Of Pharmacy : Personal And Professional Experiences With A Long Time

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My interest in pharmacy has developed from both personal and professional experiences over a long time. I can still remember my favorite toy that was to change my life. It is a chemistry toy set from my parents, consisting plastic balls and sticks mimicking different atoms and bonds. Even though I played it as a construction set at first, I found it so interesting and took it with me every day when I started my chemistry class. My subsequent interest was from the organic compounds I learned in high school. They are so fascinating to me that I wrote their chemical structures and physical properties on a deck of cards and created a chemistry card game. These began to galvanize my desire to pursue a career in pharmacy. In addition, my desire to alleviate the suffering of people through healthcare compels me to seek a profession where my work can be successfully achieved on a broader range. As such, through my academics, research, professional and volunteer experiences I have been able to identify and develop the skills necessary to achieve my goal of being a successful aspiring pharmacist.

Before I could fully commit to studying the sciences and more specifically pharmacy, I wanted to get valuable hands-on experience. During my fourth year in college, I participated in clinical rotations in a famous hospital in Beijing, China, where I had the opportunity to interact with staff pharmacists, enabling me to gain a valuable experience at a hospital pharmacy. Clinical rotations also exposed me to a wide variety of cases from the prenatal through the geriatric stages of life. Later, I also participated in an internship program in the last year in college, where I had the unique opportunity to work with pharmacists, doctors and patients. I...

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...cally and opened my eyes to the different opportunities in pharmacy. I realize that a career in pharmacy can provide me with many avenues to fulfill my ultimate goal and more importantly, a successful career in pharmacy critically attributes to how to best work with patients, researchers and colleague.

Years later I still look back repeatedly on the day I received my chemistry toy. It was a turning point that keeps me moving forward towards my career goal in pharmacy. In fact, my academics, research, professional and volunteer experiences have collectively helped shed light on the attributes most important to a pharmacist, being analytical, personable, compassionate, and dedicated to the profession. It has been my goal to improve these attributes through further education and I am fully committed and determined to do so as a pharmacy student and aspiring pharmacist.

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