My Interest in Studying Entrepreneurship Essay

My Interest in Studying Entrepreneurship Essay

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The career path I chose to follow was entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship is increasing in popularity as many more countries and organizations are trying to get their youth engaged at an early age with entrepreneurship with the express purpose of ensuring that innovation and entrepreneurship will thrive in the future (Mark). I want to become a successful entrepreneur because it has always been a dream of mine to become self-employed. I believe I have the leadership, passion, courage, vision, and persistence to start my own business and be successful.
The corporate landscape is ever-changing, presenting new challenges for entrepreneurs (Hanna, 2012). According to Lisa Mitchell, Vice President of advancing innovation for the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation, global is the biggest trend. Companies are starting out global instead of the traditional way of starting local, then starting in your region, then going to your country. Also, women entering the career field of self-employment and small business ownership have also been increasing. It is believed that women have been pushed into self-employment by the promise of independence, flexibility and the opportunity to escape barriers in paid employment. Over the past two decades, the number of self-employed women has nearly tripled and they now account for over one-third of all self-employed workers (Statistics Canada, 1997).
Your salary is one of the important things you have taken notice in while having a career in entrepreneurship. You need to know how and the different ways to pay yourself. You need to pay yourself enough to get by. Take out enough money for what you need, not of what you want. What that being said, there are several factors, such as legal form of operation an...

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...aid of failure. Lastly, they are able to find a balance between family and work life and have a strong support system in their family members.

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