My Initial Impression About The Tala Visit Essay

My Initial Impression About The Tala Visit Essay

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My initial impression about the TALA visit was telling myself that it was just a museum or institutions describing mental illness, and how to describe or diagnose people who had mental problems. Prior to coming to pharmacy school, I was oblivious about mental illness. This was an issue that I was shielded from. I did not have any idea that there are people who suffer from mental illness in a large group of populations. There are group of people who suffer from mental illness on a daily basis. I was surprised that there is a large institution that was built for people who suffer from insanity. The institution is an enormous brick layered building. It housed all the patients and Doctors and Nurses in it. It was funded by the West Virginia States for a long time. I was amazed by how sufficient the asylum was; they had farms, some of the elevator was hydroelectric. I was concerned about my lack of knowledge about these kinds of patients. I was concerned about anyone can be vulnerable to these types of problems. The amount of workers that could be attacked by patients in the 1980s. The children that grew up in the asylum-a place of refuge, when it stops existing, they had no more homes. The types of experiments that were performed on patients in order to relieve their mental state, which are lobotomy, hydroelectric shock performed by Doctors were unethical in my opinion. The chills and feeling of empathy that I felt in the hallways was unimaginable. I felt like I went down a time machine back to the 1980s where all these events were happening. It could have been my family or a loved one that is going through these problems. It concerned my heart that these individuals were isolated from our society. All of them were lodged into a huge...

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...ffectively. The reason why I said that is because we are making these patients to be addicted to their drug of choice. Which is they need their medications at all times. The pharmaceutical industry are just making drugs to help them relief the symptoms or making them happy, like making drugs that increases norepinephrine and dopamine receptors to make them happy. But once the drugs diminish in their system, these patients will be dependent on the medication.
a. The way mental illness is being treated is through an algorithm
b. Doctors are always trying to treat the symptoms, they are not treating the behavioral or emotional side of things
c. We should be treating the patients.
Our pharmacist role in treating the mentally ill is to maintain an amazing relationship with them. We should not judge them or make them feel alone. We should able to entertain and make sure

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