Essay about My Initial Conceptualization Is That Biko Is Under A Lot Of Stress

Essay about My Initial Conceptualization Is That Biko Is Under A Lot Of Stress

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My initial conceptualization is that Biko is under a lot of stress. It’s his second year of college and he is pursuing a double major. That alone in itself can cause substantial stress. Not only is he dealing with academic stress but he is also having problems with his girlfriend Tanisha. Biko and Tanisha are not on the same page when it comes to premarital sex. Biko wants them to be sexually active and Tanisha doesn’t because of her religious beliefs. Biko also struggles to control his anger and has said that he feels like he is losing control and feels helpless and hopelessness. He is concerned how his anger will continue to cause problems with his social relationships. He has tried to channel his anger into other activities like working out but he doesn’t feel as if that is working. He grew up watching his parents argue and fight and doesn’t want to do the same. He does not have a good relationship with his father but he does have a strong relationship with his brothers and wants to join the military like they did. Biko doesn’t have many friends and finds it hard to trust other people. He gets anxious about social situations. He is not good at communicating and often feels as if he is misunderstood.
Additional information that could be helpful is knowing more about his childhood and the relationship he has with his father. He has mentioned that he didn’t want his parents to get remarried and that his brothers are mainly the ones that took care of him. He also mentions that the relationship he has with this father is not positive. It would be helpful to know if there are any specific incidents that have caused him to feel that way about his father. Biko says that his parents are always fighting and that he doesn’t want to be li...

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... there are any campus activities or clubs that he could be a part of. This could help him to be more social and can help build his reputation around campus. Because he is in the preencounter stage it could be a little difficult working with him because I am African American.
When working with Biko it would not be okay for me to belittle his statements or act like I already know what he’s going to say because I’ve counseled someone like him before. It would ruin the relationship if I treated him as if he were the typical angry black man. Also, I’m not going to treat Biko the same way I would a Chinese female. It would be to my advantage to be multiculturally competent. If I were to downplay the details and information that he tells me it would not only be detrimental to our counselor-client relationship but also to Biko’s ultimate goals and growth as an individual.

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