My Impression Of Beauty Comes From Difference Essay

My Impression Of Beauty Comes From Difference Essay

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My impression of beauty comes from a lot of different experiences and could be divided up in various ways. First of all, I think that true beauty is different for everyone. Let 's take physical beauty, for example. Each culture defines ideal physical appearance in different ways. The way I see it, everybody is born different from each other. I mean, sure, we all strive to look like the slim/muscular models we see in the media, but if everyone achieved that goal, then we 'd all look the same. This thought kind of goes hand-in-hand with trying to achieve "normalcy". There 's the ordinary and the extraordinary, and I feel like people pressure themselves to make the extraordinary into a standard. But again, we aren 't meant to be clones of each other and we couldn 't all look exactly the same if we tried. I guess what I 'm trying to say is that beauty comes from difference. It comes from something or someone that affects you in a novel way, like something that makes you see the world (or yourself) differently, among other things.
I also find things beautiful if they relax me or calm me down in any way. For some reason, the power to make me get out of my own head and forget about my worries is impressive to me. For example, over Thanksgiving Break, one of the things I wrote about in my journal were the palm trees in my back yard. Don 't ask me why my mom decided to put palm trees there, because I have absolutely no idea. But I 'm grateful for them. I really like to sit outside, close my eyes, and just listen to the long leaves rustling against each other in the wind. Much like the constant noise of the tide at a beach, this sound really is a stress-reliever for me. And because I rarely come across noises like that in my daily life, it...

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... more leadership skills, because so far I don 't have very much experience with taking responsibility for another group of people. I also want to work more on creating stronger personal relationships. As of right now, I 've been very good at overlooking potential friends and disconnecting easily from the friends I already have. This just isn 't healthy for me, because I feel like a strong network of supportive people would really help me feel better about the life I have outside of class. Lastly, I also want to make sure that I maintain my drive to succeed. I 'm really hoping that nothing happens over the next three years to make me lose my motivation because my determination to reach my goals, though I don 't completely know where it comes from, is what has gotten into this university in the first place and I would really hate to leave with nothing to show for that.

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