My Importance Of Physical Health And Mental Health Essay

My Importance Of Physical Health And Mental Health Essay

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The fifteen years that I spent dancing ballet changed my professional outlook and goals more that I could have ever expected. As a dancer, I was wrapped in a world where criticism is natural, where eating disorders are expected, and where competition is brutal. Throughout my years of a dancer, I learned the importance of perseverance, the rules of etiquette, and the significance of discipline; but I did not learn the impact that the negligence of my health would have on my mind and body. Once I entered college and became more of an ordinary student, I realized how abnormal my daily habits were. As a result, I decided to learn more about mental health and how it relates to exercise and nutrition.
Throughout my undergraduate career, I spent a considerable amount of time researching different aspects of health. I not only earned a minor in Health and Exercise Science, but I also spent time outside of class looking into the components of nutrients and the benefits of different types of exercise. Because of my studies, I became interested in the ways that physical health and mental health tie together, like how cardiovascular exercise reduces cortisol levels and how Omega 3 fatty acids improve cognitive function. Furthermore, In order to further facilitate my interest in health and psychology, I researched different clinics in my area that I could become a potential volunteer for to develop future goals that match my newly found passion.
In August of 2016, the Healthy Futures Medical Directors, Dr. Gillaspy and Dr. Weedn, selected me as an undergraduate research assistant for their pediatric weight management clinic. Within the past two years, I have learned how much more complicated health is than simply a balance of physical acti...

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...chologist. Moreover, I am interested in child/ adolescent psychology with an emphasis on all aspects of health and I specifically want to study the interaction between physical health (disease, disorders, and exercise) and mental health. Because of my future goals, I believe that the professor whose research is most aligned with my interests is Trisha Raque-Bogdan I feel that working with her would provide me with the best experience at the University of Denver because of her studies on the relation between well-being and physical health outcomes, as well as women’s health issues. My personal, academic, and research experiences have all shaped my future goals and my perspective on health and underdeserved populations. Ultimately, I want to become someone who provides their patient with support and knowledge about how to live successful, joyful, and healthful lives.

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