My Identity And Social Location Essay

My Identity And Social Location Essay

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My Identity and Social Location
I love being myself because I believe my personal life experiences give me a better understanding of who I am. I am a female, and I identify myself as women. The first individual gender identification is my name, Jieying Guan, which means beauty and smart. I prefer people call me Jieying because it brings me sense of belonging for my hometown and culture. After I moved to America four years ago, I found many Americans often have a hard time to pronounce my name, so I suggest them call me Vicky Guan. I am twenty-seven now. As the youngest daughter in my family, I grow up with love and happiness. My grandma always took good care of three sisters and me, so that my parents could spend more time on making money. Growing up in the country side with farms, I understand how difficult my parents support our education. Because it was too expensive to pay the tuition, my father, the decision maker, the only male in my family, decided to let two older sisters drop out at high school. Being the lucky one to finish college in China, I became independent and thoughtful of planning my future. However, I could not find a job with a college degree of Graphic Design, so I worked as a receptionist in a company for two years. Comparing working individually to create pictures, I found that I like to talk with people, work in a team, and provide help or care to other people. My mother actually was happy that I was a receptionist not a designer, because she thought I found a good fit position for women. I did not experienced gender identity issue in my childhood. My grandma and my mother taught me that what I should behave as a girl, and they put dress on me, they kept my hair long. When I reached the age of puberty, I re...

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...e-skin and feminine. On the other hand, men are portrayed with masculine, full of control, violent figures. I keep the long hair as one way to show myself has women features. When I learn about gender inequalities in sociology class, I am surprised that the way that women are portrayed as passive images through media. Men are structurally placed in the top of society as the dominant group, and they exploit women as the subordinate group to maintain their power and the system of privilege. They want to obtain the maximum control of the resources.
I have many social dimensions of my identity, and being heterosexual provides me with privilege and power. However, being an immigrant provides me less power and disadvantage because I face many difficulties about learning a different language, a different culture, and a different society system.

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