Essay on My I Became A Science Teacher

Essay on My I Became A Science Teacher

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At the age of 9 when I was in 4th grade. I always wanted to be a science teacher. I was really influenced by my science teacher because I always enjoyed my science class because the teacher was very nice to me, and to everyone in my class. She was calm, and a very soft spoken person. With a very beautiful smile on her face. That made me feel really comfortable. Because I loved her a lot I felt great being her student. She made me do very well in her class, I also did very well in most of my science classes. I wanted to be a science teacher until I was 15 year old.

Then one summer my mom sent me to spend the summer vacation at my grandmother’s house. Who lived far away from us. I always enjoyed spending the summer in there because my aunts, and my uncles kept me entertained by taking me places with them ,and they used to buy me clothing and gave me money to buy me my favorite snacks.
One of my aunts used to work as a hairdresser. She had a salon at her house. I used to set at the corner of the salon and watch her cutting, and coloring hair, and even doing up dos to the brides. I was really impressed and inspired to watch her working and turning hair into a piece of art.

After a year passed by. my school gave out the high school application to choose the program I would like to be in. The first thing was on my mind to become a hairdresser. I believe that summer vacation had an influence on me. It took me lots of strength to speak to my mom about getting into the cosmetology program. My mom did not agree at the beginning because of the way how people discriminates this kind of job even if I don’t have to be in contact with men. I had to convince my mom that I wanted to feel responsible, and growing up women who can make money...

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...some research about the health care programs. The only program caught my eyes it was the OTA program, because it reminded me of what happened to my aunt after she had a stroke, and became half paralyzed. She was emotionally depressed, and totally different person from being active to a person who’s always lying in bed constantly, or in wheel chair. My parents didn’t know how to treat her. So they sent her to nursing home facility since that day I did not see her again. I felt really guilty and awful because I loved her so much, but I couldn’t offer any help because I was only 10 years old. I was really scared until this day. For this reason I want to become an occupational therapist assistant.

The reason why I choose south university because South University the closest school to my house and my job, and the only school offers the OTA program near my area.

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