My Home From Truman, Minnesota Essay

My Home From Truman, Minnesota Essay

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As a sophomore in college, it is crazy to think back to where I started and how things used to be to how they are now. Even though I am only nineteen years old, I have made mistakes, had struggles, and have learned new lessons. Not only am I to focus on my life, but the different lifestyles around me.
I classify my home from Truman, Minnesota. Most are not familiar with this town but big cities that surround it are Mankato, Albert Lea, and Jackson. It has a population of 1200. What I call my home has a special community to me. As a town, we have the typical town traditions, but then we also have made our own. Everybody knows everybody, and everyone is in everyone’s business, but I would not change it for the world.
My typical day when I was three-teen years old would be that my dad would drive my brother and me to school, we would go to our classes, ride the bus back home, then we had to help with the cow chores, go in the house and do our homework while waiting for our mom to make supper, then it would be time to shower and go to bed. My dad is a dairy farmer while my mom is an accountant so after we were done with school it was our responsibility to come home and help my parents with whatever needed to be done. My parents raised us to think that if you do not work for it then you will not receive. For example, I always wanted a horse of my own and my dad made a deal with me that if I fed the baby calves every day for two years he would buy me a horse. Once those two years were up, my dad stuck to his word and bought me a horse.
My parents were well educated and made sure that their kids stuck to their studies and got the help if needed. As being the middle child, I had to reach up to where the bar was set by my older sister. My...

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...never seemed to be able to wrap my head around the fact that that was real. After watching this show, it made me realize that it is real and that people in bad communities do not think before they take action and how it could affect someone for their life.
Lessons that I learned from the course already as well from the show itself is that I should never take my opportunities for granted. I think that if I make the best of the chances I get that I can make a change for those who do not get opportunities. I think it is important not to judge someone on how they are because in reality you will never know what they are going through or to experience it yourself. The Wire gave me so many mixed emotions throughout but it also gave me a different outlook on life and my new goal in life is to be the best I can and that I hope to make a difference in someone’s life one day.

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