My High School Teacher 's Classroom

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Growing up, I always enjoyed school. Don’t get me wrong, I loved summer and Christmas break, but the start of the school year was always an exciting time for me. So, for this assignment it would only make sense to write about a classroom. Not just any classroom, but one that will always hold a special place in my heart. I have chosen my favorite high school teacher’s classroom. I was in this classroom for three years of high school English class. I was in advanced English all throughout high school, and had Amanda Hickman for three of the four years. This classroom held a very special place in my heart because I spent much more time in here than I did any other classroom. I learned more in this classroom than I did in any other place throughout all of growing up. Of course I learned how to classify pronouns and analyze rhetoric in British Literature, but I also learned life lessons. I was only fifteen years old and a brand new high schooler when I first walked in this classroom, and the last time I walked out, I was a graduated senior that was about to embark on an entire new journey. I grew up in this classroom, I learned how a mature, eighteen year old should act in a classroom setting. This classroom was a very public setting, around 150 students other than me were in the classroom throughout the day. However, when I needed someone to talk to, this was the classroom I went to. I could talk to Miss Hickman about anything, from help in another class, to talking about cheer practice last night. The classroom was pretty bare; the walls were a very light colored beige, with few posters or pictures on the wall. The only posters on the walls were a series of collages created by the teachers about her favorite authors. ... ... middle of paper ... ...e hours of preparing and be ready to take on these two tests. While it meant all of this to me, I’m sure it had a different affect on many other students. Some probably had a similar experience to mine, where this classroom was almost like a second home. While others probably wished they never had to walk back in. To this day, I still have contact with Miss Hickman. She’ll contact me and ask how college is going, and I’ll ask her to look over my research papers that I have to turn in the next day. She will forever be someone that I can talk to about anything, and this classroom will always have a special place in my heart, even when I walk back in there for my 50th school reunion. The classroom was right by the doors that held a large security alarm, and as loud as the constant beeping was, I still miss this classroom and the security blanket it was to me.

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