My High School Softball Career Essay

My High School Softball Career Essay

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My high school softball career
I am Kameron Stevenson. I am from a small town in Louisiana called Jonesville where everybody knows everybody. I grew up in a single parent home with my one sibling, my brother. I am going to tell you a little about my life, as a Block Bear.
My 8th grade year of high school I was on the softball and basketball team. My freshman year I was on the basketball and softball team, and a BHS Dazzler which is danceline. Softball was my main sport, but I did everything else until it was time to play softball. I feel in love with softball at an early age. I would play every summer and each year my love for the sport grew. Each year when I played softball in Vidalia or Jonesville I would make all-stars.
Two years in a row my all-star team from Vidalia traveled to Santé Fe, New Mexico. We got to play against teams from Colorado, East Texas, West Texas and New Mexico. The first year I went my coach forgot that I knew how to pitch. My coach from the summer kept telling him to put me in and they finally listened to him and put me in when they had no other option. We won that game and was able to advance to the next game. The next day they did it all over again and waited too late to put me in too pitch so we lost out.
When I reached 8th grade I was excited about playing for the high school softball team. Although I was not happy about having to sit on the bench but I understood that I had to earn the privilege to play, and that the upperclassman was there first. I knew I was better than one of the girls and I showed it during practice and most of the games I got to play in. I worked very hard every day at practice to show the coaches why they needed me on the field. I was so excited when I got to play in my f...

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...ved a scholarship to play softball somewhere no matter if it was a D1 school or not I deserved it. Graduating made me realize you never know how much someone is looking up to you until they tell you. My teammates signed a softball and a pitchers plate for me and they all wrote encouraging words and told me how hard I was on them but they were going to miss me. I would love to go back and help the upcoming pitchers and everyone else that I can help but I have school work to do to become who I want to be in life.
When graduating came close I was ready to graduate from high school and start a new chapter in life in my mind. In reality I wasn’t ready to give up playing all the sports I played, and I wasn’t ready to leave my coaches and teachers I loved dearly. I did not know how much I would miss playing basketball, softball, and cheering until it was all said and done.

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