My High School Career : Becoming Drum Major Essay

My High School Career : Becoming Drum Major Essay

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One of the biggest decisions of my high school career came my sophomore year when I decided to try out for the role of drum major in my high school band. This decision was very tough to make due to the fact that I was a sophomore, and although I already had three years of experience under my belt as a band member at Northview High School, I knew that it would be very tough to earn the respect of my peers if I succeeded in becoming drum major. Out of the three years I had spent in the band, the biggest influence on my decision to try out came from my very first marching season, between August and December of 2012. From that year forward, after seeing many areas that the band could improve, watching how underclassmen and middle school band members were treated, and watching the drum major that year, I knew that I had to earn the title of drum major as soon as I could in order to improve the band as a whole.
During my first year in the band, the band was considered the laughing stock of the school. After the band director left halfway in the previous year, the school called in the once-retired band director Mrs. Elaine Holk, who was band director when the school opened back in 1996. The band was at an all-time low in regards to membership, only marching thirteen wind players (Players who play a brass or woodwind instrument). This forced the band to reach out to the local middle school for experienced band members, and I was one of two middle school students to answer the call to march with the high school. When I got there in the August of 2012, though, the band was nothing like I expected it to be. I expected the band to be working hard, practicing music during any free time they had and to be marching for hours to perfect the ...

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... bands make in halftime shows). As drum major, I have always had an active hand in helping teach music and sets to the entire band, and this was directly caused from the way Cory led the band and how he always thought that he was “too good to teach.”
My first marching season in band came in the fall of 2012. During this experience, I saw a lot of things that needed to be changed in order for the band to grow and succeed. Among these were the band’s attitude, the way underclassmen and middle school band members were treated, and how the drum major sees himself and how he treats the rest of the band. Through watching these things unfold, I knew that I had to become drum major. Without this season being the way it was, I probably would have stayed on tuba for the remainder of my six years, never bothering to try out for the title of drum major in my sophomore year.

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