My High School Academic Performance Essay

My High School Academic Performance Essay

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NIU College Essay

My high school academic performance has been a Great one. For the last three years of high school academic performance I have been on the Honor Roll. I have made that possible by working hard and studying. Also getting help for classes in a support class during school called Learning Strategies and also going to a.m support and working during my lunch period to do Assignments. The challenges I have had during my time in school were in sciences classes. I have had to get help for my teacher to understand the material that we learned in class. Another class that I have had trouble in was math class because I did not do so well on the test we took in class I would go to a.m support to correct answers or retake the test completely after a night of studying again. I was about to correct my mistakes and turn in the math test and get a higher grade. The classes that have done well in academically were history classes. That was one of my favorite classes I have had during high school because I liked learning about the world 's history. I achieved academically by studying and re-reading material that was taught in class and I would study it when I got home so that I could understand it and because it was interesting to me. Another class that I have succeeded in while I was in high school was English class because I loved reading books. It’s nice to read different books in English like a biography or a fiction book. It let you image different things that took place in the book while I was reading it. Those were my high school academic performance while I was in high school and what I feel is my academic strengths and weaknesses.
A significant life experience I 've had during my life was losing my
Grandmother to Cancer at ...

... middle of paper ...

...ies many years ago had come to America for a better life.
I always like all the diversity my high school had because I had friends from
all over world in one school with different experiences and stories to tell. I
would bring diversity to NIU because of all of my culture I have many different
ethnicity groups in my family. I have many different ethnicities in me passed
down from my ancestors. Ethnic groups like Native American, White and, African
in me passed down to me. Diversity is very important to me because I like to be
social and have friends for all over the world. Diversity is important to me
because it would bring more to the NIU just their experience and life will
bring a different point of view to the school and a different way thinking.
Coming together as a diverse at NIU will make the college environment a better
and make NIU’s community a better place.

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