Essay about My Heritage And International History South Africa

Essay about My Heritage And International History South Africa

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For my international paper this time I decided to do my paper analysis on a state. For my state I choose reflected part of my heritage and international history South Africa was my state I choose. So with that being said, I looked up the definition of Africa. According to the definition it stated: “A continent S of Europe and between the Atlantic and Indian oceans.”(Dictionary, 2016).Though I find this to be extremely accurate. I wanted to go more in dept. with Africa and its definition. In fact, I continued to scroll and found the British version on Africa.
According to that particular definition it stated: “The second largest of the continents, on the Mediterranean in the north, the Atlantic in the west, and the Red Sea, Gulf of Aden, and Indian Ocean in the east. The Sahara desert divides the continent unequally into North Africa (an early Centre of civilization, in close contact with Europe and W Asia, now inhabited chiefly by Arbs) and Africa south of Sahara (relatively isolated the rest of the world until the 19th century and inhabited chiefly by Negroid peoples)”(Dictionary,2016).
This particular definition on Africa is more self-explanatory because Africa history is mainly behind land and civilization. Which I believe personally what brings everything together to be more profound? When you think of South Africa you want to know the history? How does South Africa have a role in international relations? Does Africa have contemporary issues? All these question can be answered properly. I came across 6 sources that really goes into depth on South African history related to international relations and contemporary issues and Africa(continent) as a whole.
According to Miller “What Went Wrong with Africa; A Contemporary History”...

... middle of paper ...

...rd does not exist to the point where it can become a nation. South Africa has many support groups for different causes. The main problem many can agree on is poverty is continuing to grow. Many do not have water and live in rural conditions and healthcare is not the main goal. The question still remains how the government is contributing to condition precisely? It is only to say that what is beneficial to one can become detrimental to another. In this case it is the people of Africa as a whole. But if you want to be specific it is Kenya, Zimbabwe, and South Sudan, South Africa that are suffering. Africa is the homeland to many exotic animals and flowing rivers (Nile).Biblical known in the bible as well the Red Sea. So to end this. South Africa the state I choose has many layers that requires depth analysis research. In my opinion opened my eyes to another paradigm.

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