My Greatest Reward Comes From Understanding Administrative Values Essay

My Greatest Reward Comes From Understanding Administrative Values Essay

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A) As an administrator, I would help, direct and influence others who are in the process of attaining their goals, their needs and aspirations of their lives as well as that of the organization. I will lead the people to follow me. I will be the people’s follower, by so doing, I will ensure my followers achieve their potentials by creating a conducive learning environment, ensuring and maintaining a devotion to serving with achievable results, (DePree, 1998 p.130 as cited in Singh, 2016).
My greatest reward comes from understanding administrative values. Understanding the community, the staff and the capability of delivering the right message, appeasing the staff with words of encouragement and motivation and gifts presentations, goes a long way to show appreciation of their commitment and hard work. The values of every institution is very instrumental to the success of the institution. Emphasizing on the values and the merits of working according to the values, recognizing staff performance and determining where the organization is heading to, are crucial aspects of clinical outcomes (Farrell, Cathie & Barbara, 2011).
My management principle is management by walking around otherwise call all hands on deck. I will lead by example, leading for others to emulate. I will lead from the top management downwards, getting the whole team engaged. By engaging the whole team and getting everyone involve, I am creating a one-on-one relationship with the staff, the residents and involving in problem-solving, trouble-shooting, and being part of the overall team. Also, I will be connecting with staff by engaging in conversation, listening, obse...

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Setting the tone for others to follow. I will lead by setting an example and channel staff to the direction I would like them to follow. Create that teamwork and the idea of going extra mile to do things out of your job description. Farrell went further to paint a picture of the “graffiti-covered wall both because he wanted the graffiti removed and because he wanted people to see him doing physical work; work that was not his job (Farrell et al. p.2203, 2011).


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