My Great Grandfather Was A Wonderful Man Essay

My Great Grandfather Was A Wonderful Man Essay

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Have you ever been to Ashland City? If so, then you would know that just about every person there could tell you about Lloyd Harris. I was blessed enough to have this man as my great-grandfather. My great-grandfather was a wonderful man. The qualities that Mr. Harris possessed that I think are the most admirable are his tremendous work ethic, his dependability and his willingness to give to others. Unfortunately, he passed away four months ago and I feel that writing this paper will give me an opportunity to honor him and the life he led.
My great-grandfather was always working. He has been working ever since he has been old enough to walk. Lloyd Harris owned his own farm and began providing for a family at the age of twenty. He worked every day until the day he died, which I think is amazing, he was such a brave and honorable man. If you ever needed to find my great-grandfather I can guarantee you that he was working in the fields, on any given day of the year, regardless of the weather or his health, Lloyd Harris was always working. That is another thing that I loved about my great-grandfather, he never took a day off. Having a good work ethic shows someone that working hard for something, in the end, can be really rewarding. There is something about wanting something, but having to wait until you can afford it that instills patience within someone. Lloyd Harris had a tremendous work ethic, and he was the image of a hard working man, and someone who worked for everything he got in life.
If Lloyd Harris ever told you he was going to do something, he will move Heaven and Earth to get it done. He was the most dependable person I have ever known. He took pride in knowing he was thought as being a man of his word. To this day, there...

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...rd enough food for two meals a day; which is why he took every opportunity that came his way to make sure that no one has to go though what he went though as a child.
Lloyd Harris touched the lives of so many people. Sadly, he was only with us for eighty-six years, but he made so many improvements while he has here. Whether it was being the county clerk, county magistrate, founding the Farm Bureau chapter in Cheatham County, owning a saw mill and lumber company, being a Soil Conservationist, or owner of a bail bonding company, he was always thinking of ways to help others. Without him being with us every day is hard for everyone, but it challenges us to live every day for him and to continue on his legacy. Through his work ethic, his dependability, and his willingness to give, he has made the town of Petway, Ashland City, and Cheatham County a better place to live.

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