My Great Grandfather Death Was The Earliest Loss Experience Essay

My Great Grandfather Death Was The Earliest Loss Experience Essay

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My great grandfather death was the earliest loss experience I can remember. He was put on hospice for a few months and died from prostate cancer on August 10, 2007 in the living room of my basement. I was eleven years old when he passed away and recall standing beside his bed when he took his last breath. Given that we had him in the house three months before he passed away, I not only remember him dying, but also remember witnessing his body slowly shutting down as the days passed by. My grandmother and her sisters would change him everyday, give him water with a dropper and talk to him for hours on end. We knew his last day was approaching quickly and decided to be proactive and begin the funeral arrangements. My mother and I were at the flower shop ordering the flowers when we received a phone call from my grandmother. I answered the phone and could hear her holding back the tears as she informed us that he was starting to slip away.
We rushed back to the house and I ran straight to his bed where he laid, holding on to every breath. I reached for his cold trembling hand and held on tight. I looked into his eyes with a smile, and as he smiled back he took in a big breath of air and was gone. I could feel his hand slowly letting go of mine and I reached over to close his eyes and give him a kiss on the forehead. I felt my blood rushing to my feet making my body feel cold and anxious; I had never been so aware of my own heartbeat before until that day. I laid my head on his chest, and even though I knew his heart was no longer beating, I imagined it was and cried uncontrollably.

After experiencing the loss of my great grandfather, I learned that everyone has different ways of coping with loss. My entire family, including m...

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...self, thought she had a perfect life. Her death taught me that assuming things about someone’s life is never the right way to go. There is a big difference between what that person is allowing you to see and what the person is internalizing and keeping private. I learned that death can cause people to have so many questions, questions that might never be answered which makes the grieving process twice as painful. This experience showed me the power of family support during a loved ones passing. The ability to come together because of a death and bond over the pain everyone is feeling is universal. Her death affected my attitude about dying by making me realize that death is final and even if she were to have made it after jumping, her life would forever be different. Death does not discriminate, it will take young, old, rich or poor, we all eventually have to go.

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