My Grandpa is An Inspiration Of A Lifetime Essay

My Grandpa is An Inspiration Of A Lifetime Essay

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Intro: When I was six years old my biggest inspiration had left my life, my grandpa Stan. I was never granted the gift of knowing him too well or remembering, but what he had done with this life has stuck with me and will always guide me through life when I am lost. He left me with questions and answers for my life. He gave his life and family all he could, burning his greatness into me showing that I or anyone else can accomplish anything they can put their mind to.
P1: There is one part of my grandpa Stans life that has guided me through my life to this very day and will keep guided me on and it is his 110% effort he has always set on his life. Within his 30 years of working with STEELCASE he had never once been late to work, nor had he ever called in sick, or did not work. He was an outstanding worker giving others goals to never give up and stick through thick and thin. Not always did his car work or want to start to get him to work but that never stopped him once. If he had to which he had to, my grandpa used his two feet that he was born with walking to work for miles and miles, through snow, sleet, rain, or hail. It never stopped him, or made a thought go through his head to not go to work. That man could have been as sick as a dog but he still stuck through it making his way to work. This is something that sticks with me forever and always, it is something I think about when I wake up every morning at 5 A.M. to take the city bus to kenowa hills school zone so I can take the school bus to school. Before then I had to walk to my other bus stop or ride a bike through snow, rain or any weather conditions and ride or walk back to my home after school. I am just lucky because I am only a mile and a half that I had to walk compa...

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... family where we did not have to see him suffer anymore.
Conclusion: This one person that no one would have guessed has set numerous life goals for me just by him living his life. He has made me realize how precious life is, only allowing us once chance to make an impact to the world around us, to peoples lives and he sculpted my life as if I were a ball of clay. He has pushed me to where I am today, a senior in Kenowa Hills High School. I would not be inches away from graduating if it was not for the impact he had on my life. He gave me the strength to want to go somewhere in my life. Showing me how great I can do for my family, when I do have one of my own, giving them everything I possibly can. Showing my kids, my family the way hopefully impacting their lives the way he impacted mine. My grandfather was one of a kind giving me such hope for my live with my goals.

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