My Grandmother On My Grandma 's Side Essay

My Grandmother On My Grandma 's Side Essay

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When it come to most affairs in my family, i am almost completely clueless. A large portion, if not all, of my relatives on my mother’s side live in Minnesota or surrounding states. Only a few live in Arizona or Colorado and even then we rarely see them. There’s a closeness to them that i miss out on, so if someone sits down with me and tells me a story about my great grandma then I eagerly listen to every detail.
One of my grandma’s sisters has had a life full of hardships yet has been one of the most loved and treasured child out of the five kids my great grandmother on my grandma’s side. I remembered going to see Barbara once a year in the various group homes, hospitals and nursing homes she’s accommodated since she was in her late twenties. Her hair has been white and thin since i have known her and her teeth have been slowly rotting and falling out too, but the pictures of her when she was young suggest she was extremely beautiful up until tragedy struck.
She was diagnosed with schizophrenia at the age of 19. With the medical knowledge they had at the time, her only option was...

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