My Grandmother : A Rite Of Passage Essay

My Grandmother : A Rite Of Passage Essay

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New Adjustment: Death
The wedding took place on September 29th, 1963. People from all over the city came to celebrate a ceremony that would unite two individuals for eternity, literally. Shortly after the couple bought a house together, and in that moment they had no idea that’s where they would spend the rest of their lives together. Throughout their fifty plus years of marriage, they did everything together. Traveled all over the world and back on at least three different occasions. In June 1969, they were blessed with the greatest gift of all, a baby. They raised this child in that house on Damavand Street for the next twenty years. Not too soon after, he moved out and found his own bride where they too would start their own family. Similar to “My Grandmother: A Rite of Passage,” a significant event can really change a person with different stages until acceptance.
Seventeen years have passed and that family had already settled in their lives much farther away. He would still see his parents on holidays and the occasional “lets take a trip to visit the relatives.” His children, my sister and I, grew really close with that couple. We loved our grandparents so much to the point where there would be a tear every time we had to say goodbye. The thing about death is it’s so uncertain, the next time you see someone could be the last. The amount of love they had for my sister and I was unconditional. They loved us more then we could ever love ourselves and would bend over backwards to make sure we were nothing but happy. As the years went on, the happy healthy couple started to face their own problems. He survived lung cancer, twice. Her body was giving in slowly but she still never failed to put a smile on everyone’s face....

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...eous. There are great moments and not so spectacular ones as well. The future cannot be predicted, and often times can hit you like a surprise. As Benjamin Franklin once said, “In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” It is death that is what gets you in the end. The loss of a love one can often times cause a person’s life to be completely turned upside down, similar to my grandfather. In this experience, my grandfather went through different stages of change in order to accept the death of his beloved wife. His story could have been related to “My Grandmother: A Rite of Passage,” or simply anyone that has ever witnessed someone they truly love pass. At the end of any stage of death there is acceptance, and even though the future is uncertain, I hope nothing more than having my grandfather bear the passing of my dearest grandmother.

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