My Grandmother : A Mother Of Four Children Essay

My Grandmother : A Mother Of Four Children Essay

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Shehnaz Soni is petite and beautiful; she is about 5 feet and 3 inches and has a smile that offers love and compassion. She is the light at the end of the tunnel and offers kindness and helps her family and friends. She comes from a middle-class family from Karachi, Pakistan; her parents maintained the family because her dad was a photographer and loved taking pictures, and he also managed shops. Although both parents were raised in Karachi, her dad was born in India before the independence from Pakistan. He eventually moved to Karachi after the independence. When he was older he eventually met my grandmother and had an arranged marriage. Together they had three children whom they raised. Today, my grandparents are still living in Karachi with my uncle who takes care of them. Their youngest daughter, my aunt is happily married with a family in Paris, France. Finally, my mom is the oldest of three children and is a mother of four, two from each husband whom she later divorced. She is an immigrant who came to this country through an arranged marriage without even knowing how to speak ...

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