My Grandma On My Dad Essay

My Grandma On My Dad Essay

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At the tender age of seven years old, my Grandmother taught me how to play blackjack. My Grandma on my Dads side would teach me how to bet and maximize my earnings. I remember how my Aunts and Uncles would tell each other and my Grandma that it was not a good idea to show me how to gamble. Every time we would visit my Grandparents I would always bring my money. In order to fund my card playing, I had to find ways to earn money. I would collect cans and bottles from neighbors. Just a few years later, I was mowing lawns, raking leaves, watching after pets, watering lawns and even waxing cars all over the neighborhood. My Dad would always complain about his lawn mower getting pushed up and down several different streets. As time went on, I started playing at different home games throughout the neighborhood. Before I turned eighteen, I was a regular in the poker room at Table Mountain Casino. No fake ID was needed. I would just walk in like I owned the place and never get carded. But, there was some action that I never bet on and that was horse racing. On my eighteenth birthday my family spent the evening at Table Mountain Casino. All the dealers already knew my name and my style of play and found it funny when I told them it was my eighteenth birthday and I could legally gamble now. After dropping out of high school, I was working full time for Trans State Tire delivering tires to different shops up and down the San Joaquin Valley. Working full-time during the day and playing poker all night long was my lifestyle until I joined the Army at twenty-one years old.
I am a gambler. It’s in my blood. During my four-year stint in Hawaii, where I was stationed as an engineer, I never had the chance to gamble there because ...

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...endure. An article on animal abuse in horse racing states, “Changing social values and new technologies have contributed to increasing media attention and debate about the acceptable use of animals in sport . . . [focusing] on the use of the whip in thoroughbred horse racing. Those who defend its use argue it is a necessary tool needed for safety, correction and encouragement, and that it does not cause the horse any pain. For those who oppose its use, it is an instrument of cruelty” (Raewyn). Social media discussions could lead to a ban on the animal abuse in horse racing. Change comes in numbers and social media is capable of bringing action to eliminate animal abuse in sports. The race horses deserve to have a voice and have someone advocate on their behalf.
For the most part, most race horses live a great life and only have to take a beating on race day.

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