My Grandfather Was A Father Essay

My Grandfather Was A Father Essay

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Throughout my childhood, I was under the assumption that my paternal grandfather would live forever. He never seemed to grow older; each passing year would deepen his smile lines, but I never saw these wrinkles as a sign of age. My grandfather was one of the happiest individuals I have ever known. He knew how to make everyone laugh and always provided a helping hand to those in need. My grandfather was a family man and made sure to put the needs of his loved ones before his own every day of his life.
A few years ago my dad told me that my grandfather was battling aggressive leukemia. I thought that this diagnosis would come as a shock to my father, but instead I was surprised to learn that my parents had known for about ten years that my grandfather had leukemia. Apparently my grandfather had not wanted anyone to know about his illness; his wife only found out after a few doctor’s appointments had passed. I was shocked and upset to learn this news. I was angry with my parents for not telling me sooner. My father informed me that my grandfather had not wanted anyone to know about his cancer. He kept it a secret out of love, for he did not want anyone to worry about his health. My grandfather, once again, was putting the needs of others before himself, even if it meant that he would battle this vicious illness alone.
Of course my entire family did not let my grandfather deal with leukemia on his own. Much to his disapproval, my father began to train for a one hundred mile bike ride in Lake Tahoe that would raise 4,300 dollars for leukemia research. My grandfather only approved telling the rest of the family about his cancer once he realized that my father had completed the ride and donated all of the money in my gran...

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...s death taught me that I should cherish every moment that I share with my family instead of taking these moments for granted. I also accepted the fact that even though my grandfather was suffering, he still tried to live his life for his family. Never once did he complain of his chemotherapy treatments bothering him or of how tired he was. I believe that he needed to be strong not only for his family, but for himself. These new assumptions I made about cherishing moments with my family are comforting in a sense. While I am more appreciative of the time I have with my loved ones, my grandfather’s death has instilled upon me a fear of losing more family members. I am afraid that every happy moment I experience will be taken away from me. I have yet to find a common ground between living a carefree life and accepting that people I love will eventually die.

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