Essay on My Grandfather 's Life Is Systems Theory

Essay on My Grandfather 's Life Is Systems Theory

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I chose to interview Hayward Thues for this paper. Hayward is an African American male and he is my paternal grandfather. Hayward was born in Ringgold, Louisiana in 1930 and is currently 86 years old. Hayward currently lives with his wife, my paternal grandmother, and they have been married for 65 years. One of my oldest uncles also lives with my grandparents as well as a few cousins. My grandparents typically have one or more family members residing with them at all times; they have never lived alone together. My grandfather utilizes an oxygen machine and his health has been debilitating over the past several years. Hayward has lived in his current home for almost 50 years and this is where the interview took place. My grandfather has 7 boys, 1 girl and many grandchildren and great-grandchildren. I utilized a tape recorder to record our conversation and this allowed me to capture many of his thoughts and comments. The macro theory I will utilize to describe my grandfather’s life is Systems theory.
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Hayward’s days begin and end the same each day. He is an early riser, so he wakes at 5am to sit outside and drink his coffee. His day is spent watching television with his wife and napping. Fridays are usually a little different because his children stop by to spend time with him. Hayward enjoys the Friday visits and enjoys spending quality with his children. Hayward’s sole daughter is one of his caretaker, along with his wife; he uses a walker to get around and needs assistance with showers and toileting. Hayward has lots of family support and his cognitive ability has not deteriorated; he is able to recall many stories from his past. Hayward worked in construction for many years and retired in 19...

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...Jim Crow Laws, segregation, and a time of extreme racism. African American suffered inhumane treatment and were prevented, by law, from participating in many of the commonalities awarded to the majority. This had negative and even positive impacts on the trajectory of Hayward’s life, as well as countless others. Religion was an important part of Hayward’s upbringing, he attended an all-Black church where his grandfather frequently prayed during services. Religion and faith were a catalyst for resiliency and strength to Hayward and his family. Church services were a time for families to come together and celebrate; a time to fellowship with another and receive energy for the coming week. Education was another system, although only for a short period in Hayward’s life. Schools were segregated and the facilities for African Americans were not the best.

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