My Grandfather Is From Baltimore, Maryland Essay

My Grandfather Is From Baltimore, Maryland Essay

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Born October 30, 1945, Gregory Mears Bailey Sr., my grandfather is from Baltimore, Maryland. His mother, Myrtle Elizabeth Dalton Bailey was born in Greenwood, South Carolina and father, Henry Saile Bailey was born in Baltimore, Maryland. Myrtle moved to Baltimore to study nursing, but after meeting Henry she left school to raise her family. While raising his family Henry worked at Armco Steel as a steel worker. Gregory has seven brothers and sisters, Eddie, Myrtle, Matthew, Del, Mildred, Melvin, and Marie all of which were born in Baltimore Maryland. Henry died while my grandfather was a teenager. After which, my grandfather left high school under the direction of his mother to get a job. He left the twelfth grade, leaving with only a few classes standing in between him and his diploma. Upon leaving high school, he became a steelworker for Bethlehem Steel. Although he did not have his diploma, he could get promotions because a having a diploma was not a need in the field he was working. But, eventually the company changed this policy requiring all workers to have a diploma. Gregory was grandfathered in so this new policy would not affect his ability to work or keep his job. Although, my grandfather did not continue his education each of his siblings graduated high school pursued higher education.
Gregory grew up the Jim Crow era, although it was not as prevalent in Baltimore compared to the south there was a presence in downtown Baltimore. My grandfather was a curious man. As a child exploring downtown Baltimore he would walk back and forth between a “Coloreds Only” water fountain and a “Whites Only”. He would try to figure out the difference between the water, wondering what was so special about theirs, and why he was not suppo...

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...y the age of nineteen, creating the new generation of Baileys with Sampson Wright. Melani become trained to become a nursing assistant somewhat like great-grandmother Myrtle. David received his degree in Communications, the first of my father’s children to attend school and get a degree a bachelor’s degree.
I am continuing this new trend in our family of receiving a bachelor’s degree by graduating from Central State University in May of 2016 with a degree in Mathematics. But, I am exceeding the new trend by attend graduate school in the fall at Wright State University for a master’s in Applied Statistics. Briana having been with the family for years now attends St. Phillips College, a school in Texas, studying pre-nursing. The spotlight is now on my father’s last children Xavier, Gabriel, and Elorah to see what they will bring to the family name. The story continues…

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