Essay on My Goals For Mental Health Learning

Essay on My Goals For Mental Health Learning

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My progress in learning as it relates to my personal goals._As a student, developing personal goals for mental health learning can be complex, especially that the lessons we need to learn are composed of many interconnected concepts with manifold objectives to accomplish. To start setting up my goals, I think ahead and consider the knowledge I will gain at the end of the semester, which has kept me motivated in accomplishing them. Also, I think about the things I am interested in knowing regarding mental health issues, and my curiosity of how to manage mentally ill patients in a therapeutic way have driven me to get my brain in gear, on a roll, and keep on going until the learning is achieved. My personal goals are intended to achieve all the given objectives listed on the syllabus. By having a deep investment in the goals that I set, the chances of completing all of them is increased.

My progress in learning as it relates to my preparation for an advanced practice role._I begin to realize that the change in my career to advance practice will eventually happen and that it requires adaptation and an obligation to go through the process of studying systematically before I get there. Of course, going through educational hardships is expected. So, to beat the monster, I have to be prepared and stay ahead of the game. To gain advanced practice skills, I prepare myself to focus on in class instruction and be attentive in hands-on training that takes place in the medical field. Going through the program, it builds core concepts that provide me with advanced practice skills to effectively manage both the common medical and complex psychological issues of patients with psychiatric disorders. As a future advanced practice nurse, I am a...

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...ght of being placed in a psych facility generates a range of jitter induced feelings within me. Though, I may be theoretically trained and able to accomplish this duty of providing mental health care, had the experience in universal medical settings, and present the competence to do the maximum level of patient care, still, I can 't help having negative thoughts and feelings toward providing care to mentally ill patients due to lack of experience. Conceivably, I may be feeling this way because of the compelling stigma that exist about mental health, such as patients are classified as eccentric and characterized as weird with negative behavior traits. But, I need to overcome these negative feelings and develop a positive attitude toward mental health nursing. So that it will enable me to instill hope and courage, and thus lead patients to take control of their lives.

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