Essay about My Goals For A Foreign Country

Essay about My Goals For A Foreign Country

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It is fantastic to establish independence in a foreign country. However, most of my relatives believed that living in a foreign country would definitely be difficult. Fortunately, I did not agree with them. I thought I had to have some guts and confront my life matters. Subsequently, I became a twenty-two-year-old international student who has been living in the United States with full independence for five years. This will always be my unforgettable experience since I am having the opportunity to gain the best education from a sophisticated country, which is the USA. Indeed, we all have different aims in our lives that need to be achieved. I know this is true because being a married international student means that I need to accomplish my educational goals, deal with being different, and spend quality time with my wife.  
At the outset, accomplishing my educational goals requires well-planned steps. For example, I am from a family that most of its members have chased their dreams all over the world. I have acquired this ambition to trace my long and short term goals. My long-term goal is to launch my future company that will be called AMER which stands for (Ali’s Medical Equipment Repair). Whereas my short-term goal is to graduate from NYIT with a Biomedical Engineering Bachelor’s Degree. Meanwhile, there are requirements for the field of “accomplishment of long and short term goals” to be done precisely. First, quality of time spent on progress is the clue to visualize my target and therefore, reach my objectives. For instance, spending time understanding what I am studying makes more progress than spending a lot of time studying without getting benefits. Second, time management is the basic organization for being successfully...

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... Since we are currently living in the US where women have more freedom to be exposed, I take her with me to some of my friend’s meetings, so we can both do more activities together.  
As we can see, it is clearly wonderful to found independence in an overseas country. I refused to miss the opportunity of reaching my goals. Also, get the chance to deal with being a different person in America. Give my wife the quality time that she needs without having there are many life issues that have made me become a different person. However, most cousins were against the idea of going to the US for education. They thought it would be risky to allow a teenager to travel young, but I totally disagreed with them. I thought that everyone had to take his life experience because without going through different issues and experience, I would never have changed and become a new person.

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