Essay on My Goals as a Soccer Coach

Essay on My Goals as a Soccer Coach

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The Goal:
My project was about me coaching a U8 girls soccer team. My goal was to have every player on the team learn how to play soccer and be able to play every position on the field by the end of the season. I coached my players by teaching and mentoring them so that they could advance in necessary skills needed to play soccer which were dribbling, passing, shooting, and teamwork. I chose this as my project because my greatest passion in life is playing soccer. I spend around 15 hours a week practicing and playing soccer. So when I decided to choose a project based on my personal interests, soccer was my first choice. I also love to help out others and the community so I spent a lot of time researching ways to influence my community as well as spend time playing soccer. I finally decided to work with my community’s local recreation center and I was assigned a team of young kids to coach.
My area of interaction is community and service because I am providing a service of teaching the kids of my community how to play soccer. I believe that Community and Service was the best choice for interaction because I am not focusing on my personal needs but I am selflessly focusing on helping these children to become active and to acquire new and unique skills.
I plan to asses my goal by using a specific rubric that focuses on the most important skills needed to excel in soccer. The skills I will address specifically are dribbling, passing, shooting, and teamwork. In order to best assess the progress of my players I created a rubric that will specifically address the necessary skills in a simplified form. The rubric is written in questions that express certain goals in measurable terms. The players will be judged based on their ability t...

... middle of paper ... soccer was meant to be a fun and enjoyable task but ended up being a learning experience for me and the athletes.
Our final game was a great representation of our progress throughout the season because we won with a score of 2-0 against decently good team. We went from being a losing, confused and lacking team to being a well put together and skilled group of girls. It was so sad when I had to give out the trophies and say goodbye. The drills and techniques we practiced every week were effective in helping the team achieve the goal. Each player has improved tremendously since the first day I worked with them. Nothing else I have ever done has given me the pride and satisfaction that my U8 girls team because we all worked as hard as we could to get to where we are now. I cannot wait until next season to see the new group I will have the chance to interact with!

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