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My Goals And Ways Of Teaching Essays

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Now from the start of me trying to become a teacher, I had very set goals, and ways of teaching. With this in my mind at the beginning of this semester I tried to apply these same goals, and ways of teaching into this class, but found out fairly quickly that my goals/ways of teaching needed to change to match my particular students as well as the subject matter. My particular goals/ways of teaching included how I presented myself to my five particular students, and overall how I presented my subject matter. With regards to my subject matter I have never actually gone over the subject Science before. So this in of itself was a whole new experience for me. Was it a scary experience of course it was, but because I have intern shipped at other elementary schools going over different subjects in the same matter. I was not overall freaking me out this whole entire semester. So even though at the start of this semester I was scared about it and how I was going to teach it I fairly knew what to do.
Now like I said before I had already goals and particular ways of teaching, but from this experience I started to learn many different components of effective science teaching. Such as the effective strategy of giving the students time to talk in the lesson plan. The reason why this was never a solid teaching strategy for me was because in other subject matters such as Math, all I was either asked to do in presenting a lesson plan or ask to do by a teacher was give the students a worksheet and have them complete the worksheet. But from this class and my past views on effective teaching I was able to learn a very effective strategy. Though why I feel this is a solid teaching strategy is because it is important to promote students’ ...

... middle of paper ... a solid strategy, but highly motivating and empowering for students. Such assignments, accompanied by appropriate instructional support, challenge each student to do or create something of value to themselves and others and to take the next step forward in their academic growth.
In conclusion there were many effective science teachings that I have come to love, and learn from for the future of my education career be it time talk where we give the students a set time in talking to their fellow students. To the use of models particular Venn diagrams which engage the students in the lesson plan. But with these different teachings came overall ways the students themselves helped in my lesson plan be it collaboration, and performance based assessment where actively participate in the learning process by talking with each other and listening to other points of view.

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