Essay My Goals And Goals For School Assignments

Essay My Goals And Goals For School Assignments

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During the course of six weeks, I learned how to set realistic goals and understand what a goal is. Before entering my EDCP class, I assumed goals were very minute things such as going to lacrosse practice or making the team in high school. I never thought to plan for school assignments let alone my future. Goals are characterized by 5 aspects Specific, measurable, actionable, realistic, and timeframe (SMART). Goals are what set students apart we all want something different whether it be academic, financial, personal, professional, and health and wellness goals are dear to my heart.
I found out earlier this week that, I was placed into math 003 which is developmental math. In my mind I know I’m better than high school math, for the fall of my freshman year I don’t need any setbacks like this. I said to myself that I need to develop a goal to get out of it as soon as possible, I did some research and found out that after five weeks I can transfer to math 115 or 113. Math 115 and 113 are baseline freshman math courses I’m in developmental math. In order to transfer mid semester (after five weeks) to a higher math, I would have to get approval from my professor of math 003. Transferring will create more work for me, but it’s what needs to be done in order to obtain my degree and further my education on course with my peers. I don’t want to fall behind, my fear is if I stay in math 003 the whole semester I will be playing catch up my whole college career. I want to surpass my peers this is a minor setback that can be attained by my smart goals. My specific goal is to obtain approval from my professor into
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a higher math after the required five weeks. The measurable aspects of it is that by taking the course I can ga...

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...etirement. Overcoming fears is my personal goal for freshman year because, fear do nothing but hold me back. Eliminating all fears will allow me to gain more opportunities out of my college experience. Having good performance reviews will increase my chances of getting a raise and moving up within my
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company. Health and wellness goals are to make sure I live a long life and staying healthy will ensure a better life for me.
Having goals and creating an action plan is more than just talk. One must you clearly state what it is exactly they want and understand what value it holds in your life. Your odds of success are increased if you physically write out your action plan and out it in an open space to view daily. By following the SMART template of Goal Setting you can set goals with confidence and set out to achieve the goals and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

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