Essay about My Goal Of Becoming A Certified Public Accountant

Essay about My Goal Of Becoming A Certified Public Accountant

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1. My first goal is to continue my education by earning a Master’s degree in Accounting right after completing my bachelor’s degree. The MSU’s Accounting program attracts me for both its reputation and its career opportunities available for international students. It is my responsibility as a future accountant to be really familiar and proficient at the tools accountants use regularly. Achieving my master’s degree will also help me achieving my second goal of becoming a CPA by meeting the requirement of curriculum. Thus, I am professionally and academically motivated to earn a Master’s degree of Accounting at the Broad Business College.

2. My second goal is to become a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). I plan to take the CPA exam immediately after my completion of Master’s program. The CPA certificate will not only to show my competence in independent work but also promote my opportunities to enter a managerial position. To realize my long-term goal of becoming a partner of Ernst & Young, I must be a role model who is familiar with advanced-level knowledge and certification exam.

3. My third goal is to become an auditor of Ernst& Young after graduating from my master’s degree. I have talked with many professionals at Ernst &Young. The diversity of the internal culture fascinates me. Public accounting is always a good start to learn different sets of skills. I want to become a partner of Ernst & Young someday. In order to accomplish this goal, I will make preparations thoroughly during my study. For instance, I will attend every E&Y event on campus to show my dedication and interests.

1. I am good at mathematics since I was in the primary school. I learned Mathematical Olympiad and earned awards in the competiti...

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...y accounting classes yet, I already had an insight in the economic environment and a structure of the financial position for our targeted companies.
Last but not the least, I got my first part-time job working at the Akers cafeteria affiliated to the MSU. Although working in the cafeteria was physically challenging, it was worth doing. On one hand, I have learned many skills such as communication and teamwork skills. As an accountant, good teamwork is very important because I have to work with my colleagues in order to deliver the desired product of our projects. Also, I have to communicate with my customers effectively to precisely understand their needs to avoid mistakes. On the other side, I have a better understanding of the job market. I became more grateful for my parents and it also inspired me to be more hard-working towards my future career as an accountant.

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