Essay on My Goal Of Becoming A Cardiac Surgeon

Essay on My Goal Of Becoming A Cardiac Surgeon

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Over the past 17 years I have learned many values and experiences that shaped my life. The most effective values that I have learned and used every day of my life are being motivated, optimistic, and passionate. These three values helped me get up in the morning and helped me become a better person to fulfill my goal of becoming a Cardiac surgeon. I have to be motivated every day by my goal of becoming a Cardiac surgeon, so I do not waste my life staying in bed all day and getting nothing done, while more and more people constantly get killed by heart disease. This motivation is needed, because not everyone can wake up and decide this is what they want to do in life. I am optimistic that I can one day be involved in bringing heart disease down from being the number one killer in America. Saying this is not easy, but being optimistic about it helps it become easier, because when I keep on saying it enough times I start believing it too. Deciding to become a heart surgeon was not an easy thing to decide, but looking at how many people that it has effected, I knew something had to be done about it. I know I will not get tired or bored of this pathway because I will always be doing more and helping millions of lives. Over the past 4 years of high school doing work in numerous math, science, and English classes; playing basketball, and deciding to major in biology has helped me become a strong independent student who is capable of making smart, informed, and wise choices. I believe that these capabilities will help me to become a Cardiac Surgeon.
My portfolio represents the academic rigor that I have in becoming a doctor because I was able to take classes including: Biology, Anatomy, and AP English. I had chosen these academic areas be...

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... everyday. I believe that it felt different, because I knew I had to focus and once I did that I was able to hold onto that information and keep it into my brain. The outlook that I have on life now compared to when I started high school, is so much different, because now I see how much competition is out there in the world. Knowing that made me work harder for my grades and gave me a boost of encouragement to keep up with the competition. Spending the last four years at Duarte High School will be something that I will never be able to forget. It had every experience that I believe was necessary for a high schooler, it contained fun, laughter, depression, and sometimes a little drama; the most important one of all is being able to sit in a class room learn. Doing these things and achieving good grades, today makes me able to say that I am a college-bound student.

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