Essay My Future Of Andragogy By Malcom M. S. Knowles

Essay My Future Of Andragogy By Malcom M. S. Knowles

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Let’s start with the end in mind – the future. Currently, Adult Learning Theory is in its infancy stage. This emerging theory is on the crawling stage before walking, in terms of developmental research, application, and practice. For the purpose of this report, the terms: adult learners, adult educators, adult education, and adult learning will be used interchangeably. The author will attempt wholeheartedly to align the appropriate term to the specific narrow point of discussion. In this report, Andragogy is defined as the study of adult learners, as oppose to the study of student learning, called Pedagogy. The six core principals of Andragogy include: adult learners need to know, self-concept, experiences, readiness to learn, orientation to learn, and motivation. These principles will be interwoven in this report.
1. In the Adult Learner, Malcom S. Knowles, in his chapter titled “The Future of Andragogy,” the author states that in the U.S, Andragogy is an emergent theory. In the U. S., it is not a well-defined disciplined backed by an extensive array of strong, historical empirical research. In a recent article titled, “Adult Education Lagging Way Behind in Tech,” the author suggests that we are missing an enormous slice of adult learners in America that is being left behind. The author writes, “While schools have placed a great deal of attention on technology in the classroom, 54% of adult learners have access on site to computers for instructional purposes (THE Journal, April 1, 2015.) The author suggests that future policy makers to create catalysts for policies and programs that support collaboration and technology in adult education. There is very little discussion on this problem and more attention is neede...

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...rk at their own pace. This is one of the advantages of on-line classes for adult learners (Peterson, 2015.) Peterson states that many instructors have received little training on how to teach an on-line course. At times the lessons are not engaging. He suggests that all on-line instructors take an on-line class before teaching an on-line class in order to get an accurate feeling of what works (Peterson, 2015.) This is area can be develop for all educators who conduct “flip” (video lessons review at home, then concepts discussed in class the next day) classrooms. This topic can enhance any professional development at the start of the school year. At the start of every school year, we need to add a layer of new information or technique for professional development. A new or “re-packaged” professional training will cause many educators to be disengaged.

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