My Future Bride, An Opportunity Essay example

My Future Bride, An Opportunity Essay example

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To my future bride,
Sweetheart, every day is an opportunity. It’s a marvelous, glorious opportunity to worship the God I love, we love, by counting you more significant than me. It’s an opportunity to bring Him glory and honor as we seek to walk hand in hand through life’s journey as He daily chisels us to conformity of Christlikeness. For that, I’m thankful. So as a result of all of my gratitude for God’s faithfulness, here are some things you need to know…
One, I can’t wait to behold you every day. I know, that might sound crazy, but hear me out. Makoto Fujimura, a renowned artist, writes, “It usually takes at least 10 minutes of sitting, quieting our hearts, and beholding the [art] work before our eyes start to see, and our brain stops to try to categorize. My friend and fellow artist Bruce Herman says: "If you want to understand something, learn to stand under it. If you stand over it, you are 'over-standing ' (bringing in your preconceptions and presuppositions) and not 'under-standing '." If you have been standing (or "under-standing") in front of my work, your eyes...

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