My Future At Oakland University Essay

My Future At Oakland University Essay

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When most reminisce on their teenage years they recall high school football games, late nights with old friends and hoping summer would never end. The vivid memories of my teenage years are slightly different. What I did with my friends, those memories seem faint. It is the images of my father becoming ill that are unforgettable. For three years he rotated between his primary care physician, specialist and the occasional hospital visit. He meet thousands of individuals that gave him hope and encouraged him to never give up. These strangers helped keep a smile on my father’s face through the most difficult time in his life. Until, one day we laid our eyes upon my father for the very last time in an Intensive Care Unit. The kind words and relentless efforts of the healthcare workers during this life altering experience is what inspired me to want to work in healthcare.
I started to lay the foundation of my future at Oakland University. I studied health science and obtained my Bachelors of Science in Health Science with a pre-health professional concentration. During my undergraduate years I dedicated an abundance of my efforts into running student organizations. This is where I found my passion. Learning the vast inner working of organizations and developing ways to improve upon them is what I find intriguing. During my last year of undergrad I landed my first position at Beaumont Health Systems. During my first few months of work I came to the realization that my love for the health field and my passion for organizational management collide within the organization. There are many individuals working as management and administration in order to keep Beaumont Health Systems functioning and continuously working to impro...

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...mprovement as an existing opportunity.
In order to forward my career I am pursuing my Master of Business Administration degree from South University. With this degree I am anticipating enhancing my career by taking the knowledge gain from my continued schooling in combination with my work exsperience and applying it in a management position. My current short term career objective is to work in management in a hospital setting. Well, my long term career objective is to work in administration in a hospital setting. These objectives unify my desire to make a positive impact on those in need by working in the health care field and my passion of organizational management. If chosen for this Administrative Fellowship I would bring my positive and optimistic attitude to the table, with the intention to make work enjoyable. Thank you for your time and consideration.

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