Essay about My Friend, Kelli, And I Arrived At Woodham 's Bar

Essay about My Friend, Kelli, And I Arrived At Woodham 's Bar

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On October 3rd, 2016, my friend, Kelli, and I arrived at Woodham’s bar at 8:46 PM. As we walk into the establishment, there is a Black man in his thirties (later identified as Nate) who is sitting outside. He watches us with a blank expression as we enter the bar. There are ten patrons in the bar, all spread out, with no more than two per group. There are two streamers that are hanging up above the bar area, unevenly hung. There are also a silver star balloon and a black balloon that are tied next to the stage.
The bartender, Amanda, comes up to us, asks what we watch to drink with a half-smile. She is dressed in San Jose Sharks tank tops layered over each other, and a San Jose Sharks hat. Kelli orders her drink, and I order mine. Amanda does not ask to see our ID cards this time, and she keeps my debit card as she did last time. The bar is much quieter this time than it was before. We sit at a nearby table as I write a few notes, there are two people who are sitting in the back of the bar. A White man in his late thirties, early forties, (later identified as “Chunk”) had his feet up on a barstool as he spoke with a woman. The woman, (later identified as Shannon), is White and in her late twenties, dressed in a floral dress and holding a jacket, crossing her legs. Three men who were having a conversation at the bar, left almost as soon as we sat down. One of the regulars, Tom, was there once again, and he was keeping to himself.
At 9:00 PM, we got up to move to the other side of the bar. A heavyset Black man (later identified as Ato) who is 37 years old (which is disclosed later in the night), was passing by us when he says, “I hope you guys are leaving, stick around! The show is just about to start.” We assure him that we’re simp...

... middle of paper ... upset about their loss of self-defense, Alex asked herself, “We had a gun this whole time? And I’m trying to hang myself like a French peasant?” There are a few uncomfortable chuckles before Alex ends her bit.
I get up to close my table at 11:07 PM. “Thanks, love,” Amanda says as she retrieves my card. Before we can leave, there is one more comic who tries a variety of characters for the audience, including one that is supposed to be a “psychic”. He has a myriad of penis jokes before he gets to my friend and I, who he states watch too much of The Kardashians, and points to me specifically and says I could drink him under the table. As we leave, Ato is back on the microphone and asks if we are going to come back which I say we are not, and we hope he has a good rest of the night. He wishes me the same and says to the audience that we were there from the beginning.

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