My Foundations of Academic Writing Experience Essay

My Foundations of Academic Writing Experience Essay

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In high school, I was always a student that succeeded in all of my courses. I did, however, have some classes that I would better excel; English always being one of them. My teachers would always praise me for the way I used my critical thinking skills and for my excellent editing and revising techniques. Due to these reasons, I felt very confident when I first started taking the Foundations of Academic Writing (FAW) I course. I quickly learned the error in my way of thinking. FAW I and II taught me many different techniques and tools of writing that I never used before. Through this experience, I gained the capability of improving my writing, work on my strengths and weaknesses, and excel at my critical thinking techniques.

After taking the FAW I and II courses I feel that my writing has improved in the matter that I know how to find better sources to support my arguments. In high school, the website, Wikipedia, was acceptable to use as a credible source. After working on my first FAW writing assignment, which including finding sources, I noticed that we were not allowed to use Wikipedia for all of our sources. In FAW we were limited to one source for Wikipedia. This was a major transition for me because I would always use Wikipedia as my sources to prove my arguments. My very first writing assignment included sources that I found online and I felt that they did not prove my arguments. Because I could not find any other sources that would be better suited for my essay, I would use the source and stick it anywhere in a paragraph. However, after doing a couple of projects I feel that my sources are becoming better. FAW taught me that it is important to take the time and search deeply to find credible sources for all of my writing...

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