Essay My First Year Seminar Class

Essay My First Year Seminar Class

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My fears for my FYS class are that I wont be a good peer mentor. And then the new students wont want to get involved in more campus activates. I am trying to get to know each of the students better so I can better assist them with whatever problem they should have. I am also trying to get them more involved by letting them know about the opportunity’s offered at Penn State such as study abroad programs and other student activities.

My expectations of my first year seminar class are that it will help me to grow out of my comfort zone. Helping me to become a more outgoing person. While I help others to better themselves and adjust to life on there own. I hope that I could help them to see that this is a very nice time for them even though they are away from their family some for the first time. I am also aware that some students are trying to get always from there family’s and think that college will the place they go to just to party and have fun all the time. So I’m expecting the challenge of some students asking me where the best party’s are located and if I can help them to get stuff like alcohol. But I being a peer mentor will have to try and show them another way to enjoy college while not acting like their parents.
My duties and responsibilities in my FYS class are to take attendance at the beginning of class, make any announcements about campus activities that might be coming up, and answering any questions that the students may have. I also make and print out any assignments professor mac cu would like to give out that week. Last week the assignment professor Mc. Cue wanted to give was about academic integrity. The students had to break up into groups and come up with a skit that represented the scenario they were given....

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...yea college is scary and living home is a big step but here at berks we all try to be a family so there is no judgment so boy can walk around in tutus because your allowed to be a bit silly but it also gave the freshman a way to connect with an Orientation leaders because some of the kids that I helped move in I see them walking to class and they stop to say hi and have a conversation so that showed me that they were grateful for the help that I have given them.
I think that the training provided is enough and noting need to be added because I think that we are all prepared to Handel any situation that we may encounter. Not only was the training enough but we can also ask older peer mentor for there help and advice on how to handle any situation this is better that any training because they have the experience that will allow us to better assist the student in need.

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