Essay about My First Year Of The Field Of Social Work

Essay about My First Year Of The Field Of Social Work

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My first year working within the field of social work has been more rewarding, challenging, and exhilarating than I ever fathomed. With approximately 20% of New York 's residents classified with mental illness, the need for dedicated and compassionate social workers is higher than ever. Gaining hands-on experience in the field has only confirmed my decision to pursue a Master 's degree in Social Work. I have had the opportunity to counsel some extraordinary individuals, which I believe has helped me grow into the person I am today. As cliché as it sounds, I know I was destined to this career path.
When I first became interested in this field is easy to pinpoint as my first memory of being a part of a volunteer movement is as vivid as if it happened yesterday. While a student at Syosset High School, I enrolled in an elective course entitled Community Health. The course was depicted as a health class with a focus on community service. Soon after the beginning of the course, I found myself tackling my first community service project with my peers. As a group, we chose to volunteer for Habitat for Humanity, a charity organization that builds new homes for families in need. The day of the project, before we started construction, we had the opportunity to meet the family and listen to their stories of hardship and resilience. We then worked all day, through inclement weather, to assemble the first walls of the house. On this day, I discovered a part of myself that I never knew was missing and it was at this moment, when the first walls were being placed, that I realized my passion for social work. Once in college, I quickly joined a variety of service groups as well as, volunteered for various school positions and joined n...

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...a successful counselor. Under her supervision, I worked my way up to Senior Counselor within my first year. As senior counselor, I facilitate weekly recovery meetings utilizing group counseling skills to process and provide assistance and education on MICA recovery issues. In this field, it is pertinent to expect the unexpected as every day you are faced with new challenges. Within my work experience, I was trained in crisis prevention and I independently supervise client behavior to ensure stability at the site. My goal is to one day be as great a role model as this manager was, and still is, to me. Lastly, my desire to utilize Fordham/Molloy 's on-line hybrid program is so that I can maintain my employment in order to gain helpful hands-on experience so that I can continue to excel. I sincerely look forward to continuing my education with Fordham University.

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