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My First Year Florida Class Essay examples

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As I flipped to the straw color pages of the prescribed reading for my First Year Florida class, I thought to myself “Another boring summer reading book”. Little did I know how the book actually reflected my time here at the University of Florida. This book allowed me to set a bar higher than I ever allowed myself too, I guess why it’s called “A Higher Standard” and I should truly head to the statement “Do not judge a book by its cover”. What could this book teach me that I already don’t know. I have been in many leadership positions, it seems as if it would spew redundant stipulations that I have heard on timeless accounts. Now after reading “A Higher Standard” I know better and that there is always room to grow and excel.

From the introduction, the book set the scene with Ann Dunwoody beginning to deliver a speech to an audience before she accepted her promotion as a 4 star general. She then flashbacks to an earlier time in her life where she first began delivering speeches. This intro symbolizes her growth to what she was to what she is now. She has gone through an incomprehensible struggle but that never stopped her achieving her ultimate goal as becoming the first female 4 star general. When she described how she stumbled in her orders and citations for the promotion and award ceremony it represented all the obstacles she would face throughout her military career (Dunwoody, 2015, p.4). Her stumbling on her words would equalize to her having complications either in her professional career or her personal life. Later after her order and citation, she made her way down to her battalion commander to face her chastisement but it wasn 't what she expected at all. Her battalion commander was merciful towards her and even said “Next...

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...terial Command and I was one of the most influential senior female in high school. Moreover, my perspective on leadership has changed since the beginning of the semester is that there is always room to grow and learn more to be a powerful leader.
Be very persistent with your ideas especially if you 're a minority otherwise you would be looked over and stepped upon. Be weary of Janus-facers and detractors (Dunwoody, 2015, p.117). We should know how to recognize them because they may be the very reason of our fall. Have a diverse group of people on your team so you can have different angles to solve your problem.

On the whole aspect, after reading this book of leadership strategies I have expanded my wealth of knowledge on how to be a capable leader. Also, how to allow people to help me get to where I need to go and avoid those that want to obstruct my path to success.

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