My First Year At Averett As Freshmen History Essays

My First Year At Averett As Freshmen History Essays

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This being my first year at Averett as freshmen history major I did not know what to expect from any of the classes. First semester I did not even know what western civilization was. I have learned a lot since first and second semester in western civilization. This class this semester I especially learned a lot about religion and how it is important in the past and how it compares to now. From the beginning with before Jesus being born to all the new religions that are stilling being formed today.
The beginning of the year we became with the Roman Empire. They believed in many gods or polytheism, which was similar to the Greeks, but with different names. During the Roman Reign Christianity became popular in the first century. The Emperors did not judge the people for what they believed and just let it be. Then in 300s they tolerate Christianity and it becomes the first official religion in Roman Empire. It becomes the official religion when Theodosius the Great makes the Ban Pagan. People after the Roman Empire could have learned a lot from the Roman Empire. The Romans in beginning may have not like the new religion, but they knew if they forced something on the people. The people would have went against them and it would have been a quicker ending to the Roman Empire. There was difficult because of the Roman Catholic’s. Rome was were the mother church was and were the Pope or the bishop of Rome was located. Some places failed or were taken over because they fought about religion and forced one thing one the people. There was difficult because of the Roman Catholic’s. Rome was were the mother church was and were the Pope or the bishop of Rome was located.
After all of that, we get a guy named Muhammad. He was in 570 and in 610 h...

... middle of paper ...

...e reformation was Methodism.
Religion in today is different then what it used to be. People are more understanding in what people believe in. There is not wars over two religions because people know that not everyone believes the same thing. People in today’s society have learned how to tolerate more things. We still have some extremist in every religion, but it has lessen. Some extremist groups have caused a lot of damages. Now people who are not from the same religion will fight together for one cause. Back then people would not go along with some people because of what they worshiped or believed in. I think to myself for some empires if they tolerated some different beliefs or religions. If they followed the Roman Empire and let people choose what they wanted, would they still be here today. No one should be judged by what they believe in, but by how they act.

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