My First Writing Test At Fifth Grade Essay

My First Writing Test At Fifth Grade Essay

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My first writing test was in fifth grade. I prepared all year for this one test. I practiced on prompts that were about the level for a fifth grader. When I sat down on test day I opened up the booklet and read the prompt. The prompt read, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, what is beautiful to you?” I read this prompt and was mesmerized. This was a huge prompt for a fifth grade boy. I sat there and thought for what seemed like forever, I was so mad that I got this prompt. I started to cry because I was so aggravated. My teacher came up to me and tried to comfort me. I was so lost on what to write about, then it hit me. My sister was beautiful to me. She was always been the one I looked up to. I wrote mostly about her external beauty mostly, but also included how her kindness multiplied her beauty. I finished the essay, then had to wait another month for the results.
I got the results in the mail, my mom opened it, and looked at all my test scores. I looked through them all and found my writing scores, I received a perfect score, which I later found out was the only one in the district. I was ecstatic because I never thought I was a good writer before the test. It gave me tremendous amounts of confidence in my writing skills. I started to enjoy writing. I started to write all the time that summer. I set up a wooden desk at the end of my bed. I would mostly write fiction, which usually included me as the main character going on an amazing adventure. I became genuinely interested in writing for the first time. This made me want to learn more about how to become a better writer. I was ready to go back to school so I could learn to write better.
When I started sixth grade, I was ready to impress my teacher with my writing ski...

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...bout some topics. If I have a sports prompt, I can write all day. While I think I am a decent essay writer, I think I am a better research paper writer. The ups and downs of my confidence during my writing career have made me view the importance of good teacher differently. I have found that having a good teacher makes me enjoy writing more. I think that having a good dedicated teacher helps people to enjoy learning about the subject. Without good teachers that pushed kids to improve and get better, literacy would be viewed negatively because few would be good at it. I would rather have a teacher critique my writing and help me improve it, than a teacher that just gives me a grade for completing the assignment. I have found that having confidence is essential to thoroughly enjoy writing. Most of all finding something interesting to you is the most important thing to

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