My First Wife - Original Writing Essay

My First Wife - Original Writing Essay

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By the time I married my current wife, I had been divorced from my first wife for almost two years and was currently serving a deployment in Iraq, on my third tour. Crystal and I had met when we were fourteen. We both attended the same junior high in a very small town. While we attended the same school and saw each other on a daily basis, we didn’t exactly communicate. She ended up moving to another state her sophomore year and I was involved with my first wife. I guess you could say we were acquaintances.
In 2010, Crystal and I reconnected on Facebook. We private messaged each other every once in a while and filled each other in on our current situations. She was actually in a relationship headed nowhere and I was extremely bored with mine. What started out as small talk, quickly turned into every day conversations about our families, friends, likes, dislikes, etc… I had joked around with her on several occasions about stealing her away from her current boyfriend and then in January she took me up on my offer.
I had two weeks of leave in February of 2011. This would be the first time Crystal and I had seen each other face to face since we were kids. The day I arrived home, we agreed to meet at a restaurant in the town she lived in. I had my cousin join me just in case she decided to bail. Fortunately for me, she showed up and the next two weeks were nothing short of fun. She worked during the week, which worked out great because it gave me the time I needed to spend with my girls. I have two daughters with my previous marriage and I wanted to see them as much as possible before going back. In the evenings, I stayed with Crystal and her son, getting to know their family dynamic and learning that Crystal an...

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...ill manage to hurt her feelings, even when I try to prevent it. We both realize that that’s life. Nothing is perfect and we are always going to have obstacles to face. There are going to be countless times where either her, I or both of us are going to want to leave. Fortunately for the two of us, we know that at the end of the day, no one is going to love us the way we love one another. No one is going to fight for us the way we fight for each other. No one can replace the roles we both carry in our home. Marriage is tough. It’s like having a second job. Crystal and I have been together for almost five years now and we have both learned that we have to put just as much passion into our marriage as we do our jobs or our deepest interests. There is no giving up. Failure is not an option for us. Anything worth having doesn’t come easy and we know that now!

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