My First Time With A Cell Phone Essay

My First Time With A Cell Phone Essay

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My 13th birthday marked the first time I owned a cell phone. The feeling I had toward my phone had a primordial feeling, almost as if we had loved one another before both our existences. I was tremendously excited: excited at the idea of being able to talk to my friends on the go and play games. I used it mainly, however, to talk to my girlfriend from the time I got out of school up until the time we both headed to bed. Not only had I not realized how close the cell phone and I would become in the next 10 years, but it crept up on me faster than I could ever fathom. After a rough breakup with my girlfriend, my phone had become my love and passion. Wherever I was she was with me, whatever I went through she was there and was right in front of me the entire time! We literally became attached at the hip.
A time where cell phones were a must have for a middle school student, I received my beautiful shiny gold cell phone! My cell phone that I named “Betsy” had connected me to my middle school’s student acclaimed “cool crew”. I was up to date with the technology! I didn’t have much, however, I did have my love, my cell phone, my Betsy. I would sit on our most beloved rendezvous, my old ravioli stained bed after school and stare at my phone, still in awe at the fact that I owned a cell phone. It sort of disconnected the relationship I had with my siblings, I would spend hours at a time fiddling with my phone. This was something that was brought to my attention by my siblings; they must have expected in some way some form of amenity to be displayed. Furthermore, they said it was as if I had become hypnotized and put in a trance. Betsy allowed me to share pictures of whatever I was currently doing amongst my friends, my everyday excitemen...

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...her, I cried with her, I’d charge her whenever she’d fall asleep because I couldn’t go a second without her being awake. The four letter word, a word that you could sleep a million nights in piece, for me it was what sheltered and comforted me; an altar where I could go heal my hurt. I could never remember that four letter word, but I fondly remember how it felt. Today, when I think back on that phone I literally begin to flashback on all the sweet memories it held my hand through. It’s the memories that I’ll always hold dearest in the deepest depths of my heart. The four letter word? I suddenly remember, it’s the word I said to my dearest Betsy, it was the first thing I said when I reached over to reassure myself she was still there; the last thing I said before I closed my eyes knowing that tomorrow wasn’t guaranteed for anyone. Betsy, I “Love” you unconditionally.

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