My First Time Walking Into Class Essay

My First Time Walking Into Class Essay

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My first time walking into class, I had no clue what Composition II was about. Professor Ratcliffe explained the purpose of this class which was based on argument writing. She explained how logos, pathos, ethos, and kairos would strengthen our arguments on topics related to the environmental science field. During high school, I had a general knowledge on what these elements were, but I never realized the purpose of them until I came across persuading an audience in Comp. II. Throughout the fall semester, I learned where I struggled the most and what my strengths were, yet I still have more improvement to grasp on before my weaknesses can eventually become strengths.
In my first essay, I struggled with inserting attributive tags. Whenever a source was cited, I never revealed to the reader that I was summarizing the author’s point, because I had no idea that I had to. My first essay, Innovation or Conservation, it was evident that I failed to recognize and give credit to the author of the source. In the second paragraph I stated, “In the Himalayan mountains, there is an abundance of exotic animals that are being threatened by poachers” without ever acknowledging the author Koh any credit. For example, I could’ve written “Koh states” or “Koh explains” to indicate that I’m about to summarize his point of the animals being threatened by poachers (“Effort” 1). First, by not providing attributive tags it throws the reader off from the essay. In addition, I failed to present the author in the reading, which questions the credibility of my paper to the reader. Without including any attributive tags it causes the appeal of ethos to be weak due to the lack of general information about the author.
However, one of the papers that helped with ...

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...t unfortunately, these animals are under constant threat and the setting is too risky for soldiers to get in gunfights against poachers”. Watching people perish and animals suffer is not something we want and if it means searching for alternatives to avoid these measures then they will occur. Ultimately, the ethical strategies I felt strong in were pathos and logos, but felt short when it came to ethos.

In conclusion, with my learning experience from the beginning of my first day of classes till now, I have improved in areas I never imagined that existed. I am proud with what I have achieved in the class, but I have a long way before I can develop my weakness into strengths. From inputting attribute tags to citations I believe I have come a long way from not knowing anything. Only time and practice will dictate how efficiently I can improve my rhetorical appeals.

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