Essay on My First Time Meeting Junior

Essay on My First Time Meeting Junior

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Junior was born in May of 2012. He is currently four years old and is the only child of Eva and Charlie. Within the next month, Junior will be the big brother to Eva and Charlie’s second child, a baby boy. Eva and Charlie are economically classified as a middle class caucasian family. Charlie is employed by the Air Force and Eva is a stay at home mom. Charlie is currently deployed and is scheduled to be back the day the baby is born. Both Eva and Charlie are college educated and have been married for five years.

This is not my first time meeting Junior; however, I would like to point out that before getting to know Junior, he was initially shy. It wasn’t until I had seen him four or five times that he made the connection that I was both the babysitter on Wednesday nights and “the girl from church.” When observing Junior, I noted interactions which indicated cognitive, biosocial, and psychosocial development. The observation included interactions between Junior and myself. I observed him in his “play room.” Junior had several toys out at the same time, playing with them intermittently. First I noted that when playing with his plastic animals, he could cognitively name the animals he was familiar with (e.g. tiger, bear, dog.) He recognize a variety of colors. He could tell me that the bear was black and the tiger of orange. Junior was able to communicate with both his mom and myself during the observation. He spoke in complete sentences (e.g. Hannah, come play with me.) When putting together a familiar puzzle, Junior walked me through the process. In doing this, he showed me where each puzzle piece belonged. I noted that he repeated words or phrases such as, “look at this” or “watch.” During the observation, Junior had asked his m...

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...perception. The child develops the ability to form and use symbols. Language development and imaginative play are considered important in this stage. During my observation, Junior played make believe. He pretended to be a dinosaur, roaring through the house. Eva supports Junior in his make believe and encourages his imagination. Junior’s environment allows him to express himself in a healthy and safe way.
Psychosocially, Junior continues to explore emotions. During the observation, Eva asked Junior if he was happy. He responded by saying, “I’m happy, mom.” This indicates he understands simple emotions (e.g. happy, sad, mad.) When talking with Eva, she said Junior often gets frustrated when he experiences several emotions at once. For me this indicated that junior has started to explore simultaneous emotions, which can often times cause distress in young children.

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