My First Time During The Classroom Essay

My First Time During The Classroom Essay

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When I thought of fieldwork I really didn’t know what to expect. Especially since it would have been my first time ever in the classroom. I didn’t know if I was going to be actually helping the students or just sitting there and observing. I loves the idea of it since, I am still undecided of what age group I want to teach. Observing all 3 levels really gave me good insight on how a day goes in each grade level.
I was very nervous my first time observing a classroom as I didn’t know how it would go. I observed a 3rd grade classroom at St. Marks school. I observed Mrs. Butts classroom. It relieved me when I walked in and the kids were great in the way they greeted me. They were a little older so it was a fun time being in the classroom. They were very respectful, and full of joy. As I sat there for the first hour I just watched how the teacher always made sure she had control of the classroom. Even when the class began to get out of hand, her strategy to get their attention was to ring a bell. As soon as she rang the bell the class instantly quieted down and they got back on topic quickly. As you would expect it happened a couple of times because the students are still young and get easily distracted. Mrs. Butts always made sure they were doing something so that they wouldn’t be sitting around doing nothing for too long. That made the class run smooth the whole time. When she assigned work, I walked around and assisted the students. They were very respectful as they would raise their hand and ask me if I could go over and help them. After assisting the students, I felt so accomplished in life as I just performed my future in the classroom for the first time, and it was actually successful. When it reached towards the end of the d...

... middle of paper ... Most of them are not potty trained so you have to deal with at home issues at school since they still are babies. Even though it was tough I still enjoyed my time being there and I enjoyed playing with the kids. The day might have been tough but it really helped me with my patience overall. Which as a teacher no matter what age group patience is key.
My overall experience was a good one. I really felt like I learned a lot in those 3 days in the classroom. It gave me an idea on where I want to go when I teach and what age group I want to teach. I think the field that would best suit me is middle childhood which is grades 5-9. I believe that’s where I will be at my best. I don’t think that I would have known what specific age group I wanted to teach if it wasn’t for fieldwork. It also made me almost 100% sure that teaching is where I want to go with my future.

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