My First Time At River Valley Christian Fellowship Essay

My First Time At River Valley Christian Fellowship Essay

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My First Time At Church
I attended the 11:00 am to 12:00 am service at River Valley Christian Fellowship on Sunday, December 4th. When I had arrived I was surprised by how big the church was. Then I parked in the back to get a view of all of the cars and people. The cars that were parked there ranged from nice jeeps to cars that looked like they had just gotten into an accident, but generally the cars were good quality cars. The people that were there were mainly older caucasian people and young families. Also it seemed like there was a significant amount of women compared to men which made sense since football was about to start and the majority of men probably went to the earlier service. All of the people seemed happy to be there even though it had started to snow on there way in. Honestly getting out of my car was very nerve wrenching due to the fact I had never been in a church before. Then I decided to make my way inside the North Worship venue where I was greeted with smiles and good mornings. Then as I was about to head in I was given a pamphlet with the schedule and donation amounts for the week. Inside of the pamphlet it also had card for the play One Bethlehem Night which looked very interesting and left a mysterious image.
I found a seat in the back right of the room to get a good view of everything that was happening. Inside of the church people were wearing all sorts of clothes ranging from casual to formal. The majority of the older people generally wore nice shirt and dress pants. The middle aged people were around half and half from casual t-shirt and jeans to formal attire. The younger people seemed to be significantly dressing nicer than the middle aged people, but not as much as the older people. Sitting next...

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There were no problems that had occurred while doing this assignment other than making sure I did not drift into a ditch on my way home. If I could improve my observation, next time I would make sure that I definitely had a larger piece of paper to write down more information and also go two different sundays to see if there is any significant difference in the services. Also it would give me a bigger test group to look at and compare. I was a little tired from work the day before which made me less focused when listening to the music and pastors. I also wish that I would have taken the time to talk to some of the people and understand why the people at the church chose to go to church and that church specifically. I also liked that the music took up a large portion of the service and was upbeat instead of just an organ player or something boring like that.

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