Essay on My First Skill And Improved On My Writing

Essay on My First Skill And Improved On My Writing

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Throughout the semester, I have developed many skills and have greatly improved on my writing. At the beginning of the year, I had no clue how to format a paper in APA. I had only used MLA format before this year, so I was clueless. Also, I never knew how to correctly write an introduction. I did not know that an introduction needed to include a hook. I knew that it needed a thesis statement but I was never writing my thesis correctly, until this year. Finally, I never knew how to correctly include transitions.
The first skill I feel as if I have mastered is the skill of formatting in APA. I believe that I can now create my title page and set my paper up in APA format easily and in a matter of seconds. I know that with the title page you need a different running head than the running head on the other pages, and that the only thing that needs to be bold is the title on the second page, where you begin your writing. Additionally, I now know how to correctly use in-text citations in APA. I know that it is the author’s last name or the title in quotations, the year the article was publ...

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